Klara Graah 

Klara Graah is a graphic designer and illustrator living and working in Copenhagen.
Born 1995, Århus, Denmark

For commisions or collaborations:  

(+45) 52177204


Its Nice That
  1. After Dinner animations, 2020
  2. Sketch for upcoming children’s book, 2020
  3. Posters with costummade typography for Rendez-vous, 2019.
  4. *Work in progress*. Label design and custommade typography for Søtoftes Gårdmejeri.  2020. 
  5. Sketch, 2020
  6. “Find Fem Fejl” (Find Five Flaws) Series of Riso- and screenprints. Exhibited at Manége (CPH) and at Ornamental Rest (AMS), 2019.  
  7. Illustration of bowling lady for Kunstverein Langenhagen, 2019.
  8. Roomies, 2019.
  9. Design and illustration, Perplex Magazine, 2019. 
  10. Illustration for Sauce Magazine, 2018.
  11. “How to Climb a Hill” A surreal guidebook that explores the dynamics of self-help. Offsett and screenprint. 2019.
  12. Identity. King’s Night Hideaway, 2019.
  13. Campaign,“Beam me up Gerrit”, 2019.
  14. Posters and banners for Rendez-vous, 2018–19.
  15. Flyer-poster and photoshoot for Miro Hämäläinen’s collection “Venus As a Boy”, 2019. 
  16. Series of publications made out of highly zoomed in images from magazines about Oasis, cars and the news. Collaboration with Geke Zaal, 2018. 
  17. Campaign identity for the 2019 edition of The Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s annual lecture series Studium Generale titled “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”. Revolving around the theme of fabulation and the idea of non-linear narratives, the topics were translated into an interchangable landscape system that functioned as a digital and physical set design for the campaign. The fragmented images of landscapes layed the foundation for the design of a typographical system that was applied to programs, a lexicon, signage and a website.
    In collaboration with Aleksandra Kwiatkowska and Dorian Chouteau, 2018-19.
  18. Illustration for Manon Bachelier’s essay “Glowing in Sweat, Dancing in Dazzle”, 2018.
  19. “Shoemaker”, for the exhibition “デパート” (Department Store), Kyoto, 2018.